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Board of Directors

SPX Board of Directors

Mr Saiyad Hussain (Deputy Chairperson)
Appointed 14 August 2007
Mr Hussain is the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Fiji Development Bank. He also serves as the Company Secretary for the Bank. Mr Hussain is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Member of the Fiji Institute of Bankers. Mr Hussain has a Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Financial Management and also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting and Financial Management, Economics and Public Administration and Management from The University of the South Pacific.

Ms Rowena Fong
Appointed 11 June 2018
Ms Fong is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Merchant Finance Limited. She has been with the Fijian Holdings Group since 2005 where she has held various senior management positions and directorships within the subsidiaries and associate companies in the capital markets, properties, logistics, manufacturing and finance industry. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of the South Pacific (USP), a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance & Investment from FINSIA and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Management & Public Administration and Information Systems from USP. She has also successfully completed the Australian Institute of Company Fiji Directors (AICD) Course and is a member of the AICD.

Ms Janice Nand 
Appointed 23 April 2019
Ms Nand has over 20 years' commercial experience as an international lawyer, adviser and trainer. She has a Masters Degree in Law majoring in International Trade & Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). She has an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and specialises in Digital Transformation, Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber Security. She is an entrepreneur and is Principal of her Law Firm, Solved Legal and Director of the ICT company, Solved (Fiji) Pte Limited. Ms Nand has worked for major international firms and as an in-house corporate counsel for large regional and global organisations and brings with her years of international experience solving complex problems which leverage innovative agile solutions and accelerated transformation. Ms Nand has global fundraising experience from public, private and philanthropic organisations across many domains, most recently in Ocean and Climate Funding. She is currently serving many organisations in Fiji as a Board member, General Counsel and Strategic Adviser and specialises in advising boards and senior executives how to navigate the evolving threat landscape, governance, risk and compliance issues, cyber breaches, incident response management, business resilience, data privacy and trust compliance, vendor selection, corporate due diligence and contracts management. She conducts seminars and corporate training to promote the adoption of best business practices and influence executive leaders within an organisation with solutions requiring strategic and multidisciplinary analysis and advice. Ms Nand is passionate about putting people before profits, ensuring good corporate governance, promoting the use of ADR and empowering women and youth.

Mr Gyanesh Rueben
Appointed 13 September 2019
Mr Rueben is currently the Head of Investments with BSP Life (Fiji) Limited. He has more than 17 years of professional experience in Accounting & Financial Management, Risk, Governance, Investments & Portfolio Management. Prior to joining BSP Life, Mr Rueben served with Unit Trust of Fiji (Management) Limited for 15 years as the Head of Finance & Operations and as part of Executive Management Team. Mr Rueben has a Master’s in Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma and Degree in Commerce & Financial Management from The University of the South Pacific. He also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance from Kaplan Professional. Mr Rueben is a senior associate with the Financial & Securities Institute of Australasia (SA-FINSIA) and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).