Market Status:

SPX Team

Ms Rasha Ali
Manager Legal & Company Secretary
Rasha holds a Bachelor of Law Degree (LLB) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) from The University of Fiji. She had been admitted to the High Court of Fiji in 2015 to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor and expertises in the legal field of Commercial, Corporate Governance, and Human Right laws. Rasha joined the SPX in 2018 as a Legal Officer and correspondingly took over the role of a Company Secretary in 2019. She was then promoted to the Manager Legal position. Rasha is currently undergoing her Masters study (specializing in Law). Her role at SPX includes managing all legal, business, commercial, regulatory and secretarial matters of the SPX Group at operational, management and board level to ensure that the Group is in compliance with the statutory requirements. She has been a core member of the SPX Groups social development projects and manages the Group’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) framework to meet the best international standards. Rasha has also undergone a certification for Corporate Secretary Master program and Internal Audit Master program with PCGI. In addition to her career goals, Rasha strongly believes in gender equality and human rights with protection to women and children. She is also been an acquainting member for the Soroptimist International for the South West Pacific for the past 6 years, a member of the Nasdaq Centre for Board Excellence and a member for Allianz for Future Generations.

Ms Joana Rarasea
Team Leader Depository 

Joana joined the SPX as an Administration Officer in January 2014 and her role extended to the Registry Officer in July 2016. Joana was promoted to the Team Leader Depository role in September 2020. She plays a critical role in the operations of SPX's wholly owned subsidiary, Central Share Registry Pte Limited (CSRL) and handles various share registry tasks including driving growth by increasing number of CSRL clients and managing day to day operations of CSRL. Her day to day task includes maintaining the share register for listed and unlisted companies, processing of share transfers, taking up the lead role in client distributions, managing unclaimed dividends, handling shareholder and client queries together with facilitating corporate actions for client companies. Joana holds a Diploma in Business Studies from Fiji National University (FNU) majoring in Office Administration and is currently pursuing further education from FNU towards Bachelor of Commerce Program majoring in Finance & Management.

Ms Ashly Prasad
Market & Financial Analyst

Ashly joined the Exchange in September 2016 as Accounts Officer - Reporting and was then promoted to the role of a Market & Financial Analyst in January 2018. She holds a Diploma in Business Accounting and Certificate in Business Banking from Fiji National University (FNU). Ashly is also pursuing her studies in Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance from the Fiji National University (FNU). Her main role at SPX is performing day to day share trading related tasks and dissemination of trade reports to various stakeholders. Ashly is also involved in reviewing and analysing of audited financial statements for all listed entities and is also charged with the responsibility of carrying out various investor awareness initiatives. She is also involved in formulation and publication of various newsletters and the yearly annual report of the SPX Group while also being involved in executing other business development initiatives of the SPX Group and its subsidiary. Ashly is also an Accounting Technician member with the Fiji Institute of Accountants.

Ms Shyama Verma
Listings & Compliance Officer
Shyama holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (majoring in Accounting and Economics), Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Commerce (majoring in Economics) from The University of the South Pacific (USP). Shyama joined the SPX in 2018 as the Financial and Market Analyst (Intern) and assumed the Compliance Officer role in August 2019. Shyama's role was further broadened and was handed the title of Listing & Compliance Officer in September 2020. She is currently pursuing her Directed Research Project majoring in Economics towards the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from USP. Her role at the SPX is to ensure compliance of the SPX Listing and Business Rules and ensure proper functioning of the stock market. She is in constant liaison with relevant industry participants including listed entity and broker representatives and the industry regulators. Shyama is also a Provisional member with the Fiji Institute of Accountants and has been at the forefront of Corporate Governance trainings being conducted by the Exchange. In addition to her career goals she is a strong champion of gender equality and women’s progression in the corporate arena.

Ms Rima Prasad
Financial Accountant
Rima joined the SPX in April 2022 as an Accounts Officer and was promoted to the position of Financial Accountant in May 2023. Her main role at SPX is to prepare and analyse key financial information to ensure that the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors make well-informed decisions to ensure stability, growth and profitability of the SPX Group. Her key responsibilities include financial administration, assets management, compilation of management accounts, cash flow management, budgeting and overseeing the accounts function. Rima holds Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) majoring in Accounting and Information Systems from University of the South Pacific (USP). In addition to her career goals Rima is working towards becoming a member of CPA Australia.
Mr Berenado Kelekele
Registry Officer

Berenado joined the SPX in June 2022 as part of the Internship Programme. Consequent to completion a successful three months Internship with the SPX’s wholly owned subsidiary, Central Share Registry Pte Limited (CSRL), Berenado was offered the role of a Registry Officer with CSRL. He works under close supervision of the Team Leader Depository handling various day-to-day share registry tasks with major focus on handling client queries, processing of share transfers, processing company dividend payouts, assisting with client distributions and managing of unclaimed dividends. Berenado holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Accounting and Finance from the Fiji National University.
Ms Jokapeci Mocevakaca  
Administration Officer

Jokapeci joined the SPX in March 2023. Consequent to a successful completion to her three months’ probation with the SPX, Jokapeci was confirmed into the Role as the Administration Officer. She works under close supervision of the Chief Executive Officer handling various day-to-day tasks with major focus on the daily operations, ensuring that all administrative tasks are completed efficiently, and providing support to other members of the team. Jokapeci holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Business Management and Human Resources & Industrial Relations Management from the Fiji National University. She believes that equal rights serve an extremely important function not only in our own society but specifically when working towards achieving a goal in an organisation.