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Listing Fees

Listing Fees

The annual fee is payable on or before the 15th January in each calendar year based on the value of the listed security as at 31st December immediately preceding.

The fee is calculated as per the table below:


Value of Listed Securities Application for Listing & Annual Fees
Up to FJD2m FJD4,000
FJD2,000,001 to FJD10m FJD4,000 + 0.025% on excess over FJD2m
FJD10,000,001 to FJD50m    FJD6,000 + 0.01% on excess over FJD10m      
FJD50,000,001 to FJD100m FJD10,000 + 0.0035% on excess over FJD50m  
FJD100,000,001 to FJD500m    FJD11,750 + 0.0025% on excess over FJD100m
Over FJD500m FJD21,750 + 0.001% on excess over FJD500m
For all other fees (delisting of securities and listing of additional securities) and fines (payable in the event of any violation of SPX continuing listing requirements), please refer to Annexure R: Fees and Fines of the SPX Listing Rules