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There are many investment avenues available, stock market investment being one of them. But the stock market can be a great source of confusion for many people. Usually an average person either believes that investing in the stock market is like gambling and they will end up losing a lot of money, or they know that it is suitable for long term investing but have no idea where to start. Before wanting to invest in the stock market, it is very important to understand what shares are and how stock market works. 

Based on the above premise, SPX has compiled a list of Investor Education Brochures with an aim to help people understand the concept of investing in the stock market better.

You can view/download the different investment brochures by clicking on the image below.
Introduction to Stock Market Investing Wisely  How to Invest in Shares?
Choosing the Right Shares
Shares: Risks and Returns 
Investment vs Savings 

The contents of this leaflet are believed to be correct at the date of issue. They are intended for general purposes only and are not to be considered as providing securities recommendations or advice.